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BDA London’s Berlin store highlights for July 2014

Type Hype

A new destination store for type and stationary fanatics, Type Hype offers a collection of premium paper and homeware products, each designed around the alphabet and manufactured in Germany. The concept store has a beautiful modern industrial aesthetic with polished concrete, floor to ceiling shelving and vintage print presses finishing the space off. A central milk and coffee bar takes centre stage and fills the space with the wonderful aroma of freshly ground coffee. Milk? Yes, milk. Traditionally, printers would drink gallons of milk at work to compensate for the toxins in the lead lettering used. Type Hype has brought this lost tradition to the forefront of their store.

The store sits in the heart of the Mitte, just a stones through from one of our other top stationary spots, Liu Ban.

Rosa Luxembourg Street 9-13
10178 Berlin-Mitte

Berlin Shopping Mitte Type HypeBerlin Shopping Mitte Type Hype 1Berlin Shopping Mitte Type Hype 2

Qvestion Pop-Up

Qvestion popped up shop for the duration of Berlin Fashion Week, as well as showcasing their new season collection at the city’s coolest show, Seek. The minimal store space acted as the perfect backdrop for their mutli-way utility bag collection, which you can view here. The brand aims to close the gap between functional sports bags and style led fashion bags by questioning the “norm” in matter of design, function and construction. We think the pictures speak for themselves.

Berlin Shopping Mitte Qvestion Pop Up Berlin Shopping Mitte Qvestion Pop Up Berlin Shopping Mitte Qvestion Pop Up Berlin Shopping Mitte Qvestion Pop Up

Nudie Jeans Repair Shop

Hiding at the very back of a scaffold clad courtyard in Berlin’s Mitte district you can find Nudie Jeans. With a focus on the quality of their denim, social responsibility and sustainable consumption the store offers “The Naked Truth About Denim”, complete with a free repair service and fixed up second hand products.

While the store has somewhat of a pop-up feel, especially with the current works surrounding neighboring buildings, the store has been here since January and looks set to stay.

Münzstraße 21
10178 Berlin

Berlin Shopping Mitte Nudie Jeans Repair Shop 3Berlin Shopping Mitte Nudie Jeans Repair Shop 2  Berlin Shopping Mitte Nudie Jeans Repair Shop

Adidas Originals

In March this year, Adidas originals kicked off a series of store openings with a 297sqm flagship in Berlin’s Mitte district. Adidas have applied what they call the “neighborhood” concept to the new stores, adapting each to fit in with the area, complete with a city map in the shape of the brands logo. Distinctly German in design, the Berlin space has that typical industrial feel with concrete flooring and pillars covered in the same flyers seen on the street. The store offers a showcase of the Originals collection, including collaborations and exclusives such as the Berlin themed satellite photo printed ZX Flux sneakers.

Adidas Originals stores will open in London, Shanghai, Seoul, Moscow, New York and Paris throughout 2014.

Munzstrasse 13-15
10178 Berlin

Berlin Shopping Mitte Adidas OriginalsBerlin Shopping Mitte Adidas OriginalsBerlin Shopping Mitte Adidas Originals