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Maid in Heaven/En Plein Air in Hell (My Beautiful Dark and Twisted Cheeto Problem) at White Cube

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Nora Berman, Blackwidow LA, Parker Cheeto, Carey Garris, Justin John Greene, Celia Hollander, Daniel Lane, Lee Marshall and Orion Martin’s
Maid in Heaven / En Plein Air in Hell (My Beautiful Dark and Twisted Cheeto Problem) is on display at Mason’s Yard. Net artist, Parker Cheeto (Ito) leads the way at the White Cube’s current exhibition, a must see this summer.

On the ground floor an entwined arrangement of chains and suspended paintings surround an almost centrally situated screen, which at the time of our entrance, was playing Kanye’s infamous Bound 2. This was however only a slight excerpt from the artist’s 15 minute ‘Wipeout XL’ video, which plays on loop. Cross-cultural pop references are spread across screen prints, paintings and digital impressions across the two floors, some wall hung and some suspended in a web of chains and tube lighting.

White Cube Masons Yard White Cube Masons Yard

On the lower ground floor, the walls our pasted with an all-encompassing series of life-spanning self-portraits, digitally superimposed with scrawls of lists, sketches and eclectic web and cultural references. ‘Portrait of the Artist With Studio Assistants and Without (Heartthrob) / Kiss Me Baby Kunst (Burgundy Strainer) – Flip (Extremely Sorry)’ shows a clipping of Bernini’s famed ‘The Ecstasy of St. Teresa’ pasted over a collection of comic and cartoon references. Visually it’s a feast of unlimited courses, which has got us all excited about this Californian and the current landscape of web art in general.

White Cube Masons Yard White Cube Masons Yard Parker Cheeto 5

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